momo316 » hey homies :-p
p » tag. o_0
M Man » What Up?
M Man » What up?
JesterJosh » mMm... and to think sometimes i miss the drama of relationships! g'luck with all that =^]
__`dvsMYLK.. » Girl something like that happens to me too...and your such a strong girl to leave him, even when he was beggin for you back you go sistuh
gak » honey, please don't stop doing your own thing. it's totally groovy. be yourself and if that means a separate blog, i totally understand.
gak » i still loves ya.
Nibs » I guess not, but I didn't want to start an argument.
gak » you don't have to agree to post, do you?
Nibs » then Mister Blower offer #3 happened, and Boo and I don't agree that the guy was wrong, so I didn't post on the other site.
Nibs » I haven't cheated on you. I just started duplicating entries after our site died last year - I was soooo sad to lose our stuff.
gak » why do i feel like i've been cheated on? just now found your private site.
Nibs » yeah, it was pretty shitty of him, wasn't it?
venus » he sounds like an asshole alright. I wouldn't meet him up for a drink. I think he is a god damn coward and can't even admit the truth what a jerk off. I wouldn't even call him a man. He is a pussy
mylilwindmill » thats so funny...but sad at the same time..i do stuff like that all the time but not really about the same things...yeah i have no idea what im talking baout..anyways talk to youlater
Daveman » Oh yeah, the punchline: "Is that you, Coffin?"
Nibs » Those are umlauts. I use the symbol in word, then copy it over. Sometimes I get lazy and skip it, though.
Pantheon of Nibs&Zoe » and how do you get those dots over her name?
Pantheon of Nibs&Zoe » BTW, how is Zoe?
Pantheon of Nibs&Zoe » I was just stopping by. Shouldn't you be working?
Nibs » Cute. Very cute, Pantheon. Where the heck have you been? And how did you find me over here - aren't you usually on the other site?
Pantheon of Nibs&Zoe » You know I just can't get enough
Pantheon of Nibs and » It was me - I must confess!
Nibs » My life just isn't THAT interesting. Trust me on that.
Nibs » okay, who is the braniac who hit this site 57 times today? The StatCounter doesn't lie...
blueskelton » very nice just watched a few fireworkst thats about it. Let me know if you would like a link
blueskelton » Hiya nibs how was your fourth?
ladydin » Happy 4th of July!
cynch » Happy 4th of July
mellowyellow » thanks for visiting!
blueskelton » lol I ll skip the laxatives but I ll take any ambien you can give me *winks* its my favorite
mare » hey just stopping by to say hello again. Will u stop by and sign my guest map??
Nibs » whoo hooo!
Monchie » hahahaha I promise it's gone now the scary bugs/snowflakes are no more, promise!
Nibs » Monchie, that seriously freaked me out!
Monchie » hahaha I thought I had taken it off cause you cant see it in foxfire, you must be using regular exploer hu?? haha that is funny though
Nibs » watch out for the ones that are in men's pants!
hemsbacher » Hello Nibs! Thanks for dropping by! Which are the moving sausages I should look out for?
Miss.Misfit Toy » Hey there. Thanks for checking out my bloggie :: thumbs up :: and your right it is all about the tennis outfits your blog is really cool. I can tell your into horses
ssprite » ...many botas and manpower - they will never catch them *sighs
ssprite » Nibs people/fishermen around out bay are crazy - over the years ive heard of so many shootings of seals, sea lions, ottors & even whales - its a crime, but unless the law sits right out there 24/7...
Jennair » The movies I saw last on DVD were...Evolution, Hostage, and Catwoman
Amanda » Hey!!!!I'm hangin in there ty for your comments love ya and be good
Christina » Thanks, you're awesome. *winks*
Christina » Thanks .. please do share when you find out. *smiles* Have a great day!
Supersars » blog hop! ur page is fun to read, especially about war of the worlds i really want to see that soon!
Supersars » blog hop! ur page is fun to read, especially about war of the worlds i really want to see that soon!
evlglfngcwmstr » hey there. I really like your blog, you have very intersting posts!
delrina » hello!
Parisian15 » Really nice place you have here. Yep.
ssprite » dont think Sephora carries chicken poop yet - however some things i bought in the past from them might as well been chicken poop LOL
Jennair » Thanks for the visit...neat place you have here
ssprite » ty Nibs left the link 4 where 2 get the chicken poop on my tagboard
mary » fred meyer is a store.
dream » hi again! thanks for dropping by my blog!
klong » Hi! Saw that you dropped in at my blog. Sorry about the GODIVA picture, but hey, you can always get some tomorrow eh
Fallen » I talk to the equally bored sales assistant directly behind me. Or I go get more work.
Jude » *waves at Nibs*
dream » hi! just blog hopping!
dream » hi! just blog hopping!
evie » awwwwwwwww a llama!
blueskelton » lol great advice on the lax/sleeping pill
Nibs » OMG - it's the posts! They are freaking awesome!
Isola » is it my pink hehehe or my striper girl in the courner hehe
Melly » oh my god, you adopted tina. lol.
Melly » im doing ok except for this damned sunburn. hope you are hanging in there.
Melly » i didn't know you had your own blog nibs.
headedred » thanks
Nibs » no network access at work? OMG, I would DIE!!!!
Fallen » I don't even have net access at work Nibs. I'm front counter so I can't do anything.
Cari » seems everyone I bump into is from Georgia. ^^
ssprite » thanks Nibs - TIKI is an ongoing saga hehehe
Nibs » I want to know how she got her hair in those buns!
Nibs » is it?
blueskelton » yes Leai is right I think lol
Nibs » it's a work in progress (like everything in my life)
Nibs » Thanks!
blueskelton » wow I like your blog really cool
Jude » hehe...will do! *grins, waves adios*