Entry: Update #2: Nibsie Gives up Match.com for Lent Saturday, March 18, 2006

Any devoted followers of this blog are well aware that I, the lovely Nibs, gave up Match.com for Lent. 

So I'm nearly to that precious 2 week mark, and I'm just beginning to realize how much that stupid site had taken over my life.  Match.com and I had the most co-dependent relationship imaginable, and it needed to stop.  A discussion with my friend David over the weekend confirmed this.  The poignant moment: when David told me "I just felt so pathetic and desperate reactivating my profile.  And there's just soooooo many single women - it didn't make me happy at all.  It made me sad.  Sad for me, sad for them, sad for all these single people.  Sad that it's come down to this - picking through profiles and photos on the internet.  It doesn't get much more desperate than that." 

I have to say that I agree.  Of the over 180 people I have met out, I've only had a few relationships that materialized into much of anything.  I think it's because it's so easy to fake who and what you are when you have soooo much information about someone at your fingertips.  I've been on both sides of that fence, not that I am proud of that or anything, and I know it's time for it all to end. 

So, I changed my match.com profile yet again:

It all started when I decided to give up match for Lent...

...and then I realized that perhaps I should give it up altogether.

I know the internet is supposed to be bringing people closer, but I don't believe it for a second. I think it's turning people into shut-ins at an alarming rate. I also believe it is making extroverted people more introverted. I can't tell you how many of my once social friends now prefer to sit at home on the internet viewing personals rather than going out to meet people. The excuse: I'm over the bar scene. The reality: there is a generalized internet-driven lack of confidence in this city. I mean, why approach an attractive stranger in public when you can:

1. Post an ad on Craigslist Missed Connections with said person's description, location of the sighting, and your personal intention

2. Cruise match, friendster, yahoo personals, or myspace for their profile, then send an email (we've all done this)

3. Go home and pray that the person you saw, on a whim, was felt the same attraction and is therefore cruising match, friendster, yahoo personals, or myspace for my profile

The CDC should be focusing on the Internet as the latest health nuisance. No wonder there is an obesity problem in the US – people are glued to their pc's, looking for love, for friends, missed connections, reading blogs, while sitting in front of the tv, shoveling chips/popcorn/snacks into their mouths…

Such a travesty, really.

So, if you see someone in the park/bar/airport/grocery store, and you think they look like someone you want to know, then why not just go up to that person and introduce yourself? And who knows, maybe it will be me.


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