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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Yet another sketch from a boring meeting...

Ah, yes, I went to yet another dull meeting today.  The topic of said meeting was "Icebreakers."  My team was to develop a series of icebreakers for training sessions, and then was to create a powerpoint presentation. 

I started out by taking serious notes - really, I did!  Take notice of the Map and Candy listed at the top.  Both were ideas that were submitted as icebreakers.  These were followed by KWL, which had 3 branches - Know, Want to Know, and Learn.  Once I drew the lines, all I saw was an iceberg and as the meeting dragged on and on AND ON, I lost track of the topic and let my mind wander...

My pathetic attempt at drawing a whale can be seen in the lower right corner.  I'm no Jim Davis, that's for certain!


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